STAGE ‘Project documentation’

Development of project documentation, its appraisal and obtaining a partial reimbursement of their cost


The HOA orders the production of project documentation (in particular, the inspection of the building) and its appraisal

Project documentation is developed by the designer: the decision to involve the designer and carry out an appraisal of the project documentation must be approved at the general meeting of the HOA.

The HOA independently selects contractors for the development of project documentation and its appraisal.

Designers must have all the necessary licenses and certificates provided for by the legislation of Ukraine (the HOA may establish additional qualification criteria).

If necessary, the HOA can attract bank financing for the preparation and implementation of the building energy modernization project.

IMPORTANT! The Fund’s specialists have developed an Album of technical solutions that can be used to develop project documentation for thermal modernization of high-rise buildings.

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The HOA prepares and submits an Application for project approval, partial reimbursement of the cost of developing project documentation and its appraisal


Changes to the project (this step is used only if necessary and is not mandatory)

Changes can be made to the project. In the event of a change in the information given in the Project Description, the HOA must submit an Application for Changes with an updated Project Description and a project description correction form.

This Application can be submitted after the Fund approves Application 2 for project approval before submitting Application 4 for verification through the nearest branch of the selected partner bank or directly to the Fund.

If the project approval application is approved, the HOA will receive a partial reimbursement of the cost of developing the project documentation and its appraisal (second tranche).

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