The purpose of the Program

Increasing the share of renewable energy in domestic electricity and heat generation systems, as well as implementing measures to improve energy efficiency and energy security of the residential sector.

Program Participants

Homeowners associations (HOAs), established and operating in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the association of co-owners of an apartment building” dated November 29, 2001 No. 2866-III

Construction and Housing Cooperatives (CHC), established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Cooperation” dated July 10, 2003 No. 1087-IV, representing co-owners of apartment buildings in which they operate

What measures does the Program reimburse?

Solar power plants

Installation of solar stations and related equipment

Heat pumps

Installation of heat pumps and related equipment

PLEASE NOTE that the Energy Efficiency Fund does not provide funding for expenses related to the performance of any type of work (services), but only for the purchase of the necessary equipment and energy audit, which is defined as Acceptable Measures under this Program.

Stages of participation in the GreenDIM Program

The Stage of Preparation

Decision to participate
in the GreenDIM Program

of the energy efficiency of the house

of Project description

Opening an account
of HOA in the partner bank of the EEF

Submission of Application 1
to the EEF together with accompanying documents

Receipt of notice
of approval of Application No. 1.

Stage of Project Implementation

Execution of works
search for a contractor, installation of equipment, commissioning works

of energy efficiency at home

Submission of Application 2 to the EEF together with accompanying documents

Receiving a grant