In Ukraine, this is the first state program on the restoration of damaged multi-apartment buildings as a result of russian aggression. The Energy Efficiency Fund will provide 100% reimbursement for repairs to windows, doors, roofs and non-critical damage to the facades of multi-apartment buildings in which the HOA was established. 70% of the costs will be advanced. In addition, the contract price may include repair of all networks of the house damaged as a result of the war.

Sources of funding for the Program are donor funds. In particular, within the framework of the pilot phase, it is the funds of the European Union.

The pilot phase of the Program is worth EUR 5 million (approximately UAH 200 million). According to preliminary estimates, these funds will be enough to repair 50–100 houses. If the pilot project will be successfully implemented, additional funding will be also provided.

There will be no clear allocation of funds between the pilot areas, as this contradicts the principle of equal access to the Program. The level of destruction of multi-apartment buildings in the affected regions is different, therefore it is incorrect and unfair to allocate equal amounts of funding. Also, how to do it in certain proportions. Any HOA, operating in pilot areas, can apply for participation. If there is a balance of funds, it can be sure that it will receive a grant for repair. The Fund will promptly inform about the availability of funds on the website.

No selection will be done and it cannot be done. The Fund works on the principles of openness and equal access. All HOAs, which apply for participation before the funds (allocated for the pilot stage) are exhausted, will participate in the Program in the order of submission (provided they meet the established requirements).

A detailed list of activities that can be performed under the Program, as well as a list of works, will be outlined in the Program and its Annexes. All applications that do not meet the Program Terms, will be rejected.

The Fund will reimburse the costs of repairing damages in non-emergency buildings (which do not have damage, which reduce the stability parameters of building structures). In addition, at the time of submitting the application, anti-emergency (priority) works must be completed.

The production of reports on the technical inspection of multi-apartment buildings and the development of design and costing documentation make it possible to determine the compliance of the HOAs project or its part with the requirements of the ‘VidnovyDIM’ Program.

Not all objects are subject to the Program, but only those that are not emergency and belong to the I and II categories defined in accordance with Annex 3 to the Methodology for the inspection of buildings and structures damaged as a result of emergency situations, hostilities and acts of terrorism (approved by Order of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, April 28, 2022 No. 65).

The Program provides a grant only for the works that include the cost of materials and equipment, necessary for the implementation of such construction works (for more details, see the Detailed List of acceptable construction works and their marginal costs). The analysis of the Program’s funding for the pilot period demonstrated the inexpediency of funding the development of the Program. First of all, the Program is focused on financing directly repair works.

The requirement to extend the Program only to organized co-owners of multi-apartment buildings (HOAs) is a fundamental condition of the Fund’s grant policy. Basically, only the HOA can ensure the adoption of a legally correct decision.

In the future, we will implement new programs for multi-apartment buildings, so the creation of HOA for participation in them is a reasonable step. In addition, the Fund continues work on expanding the list of potential participants of the Program to other forms of management of multi-apartment buildings. But this is a complicated process because of the legal nuances of financing such projects.

There are only two stages in the “VidnovyDIM’ Program. These are two applications from the HOA — for participation and for completion of the project. The Fund will take much less time to process applications. The main difference is the advance at the level of 70%, which will allow to complete all works as quickly as possible.

If you start the preparation in advance (approval by the co-owners of participation in the Program, preparation of the Report on the technical inspection of the building and design and estimate documentation, search for work executors). In this case, some of the work is possible, in particular the replacement of windows and engineering networks (lighting, electrical wiring, sewage).

Since no project has been implemented yet, we cannot give a clear answer. Duration of construction works depends on their quantity and complexity of performance. On average, it is from two weeks to two months (only for the window repair).

According to the Program terms, it is not possible to obtain a grant for activities performed prior to the application.

In accordance with the principles of our activity, laid down in the Law of Ukraine ‘On Energy Efficiency Fund’ and in the Statute of the State Institution ‘Energy Efficiency Fund’, the Fund does not control the choice of contractors. Please note: If the work will not be completed, the money will have to be returned.

The Fund recommends you to carefully select contractors.