Additional grant of 10% for Energodim program’ participants

The Donor Coordinating Council has made important changes to the grant policy of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

On January 25, the eighth meeting of the Donor Coordination Council of the Energy Efficiency Fund took place, summing up the Fund’s activities in 2021 and discussing strategic plans for the current year.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, Energy Efficiency Fund, the European Union Delegation to Ukraine, the European Commission, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group), UNDP – Ukraine, GIZ – Ukraine.

In particular, the meeting agreed on changes to the grant policy of the Energy Efficiency Fund, which include:

1) Additional grant of 10% of the cost of works, materials and equipment for participants of the program “Energodim”.

According to the guidelines of the grant policy, an additional grant of 10% will be awarded for applications from the 501st and until one of the following conditions is met:

– or before (i) 1200th application:

– or by (ii) 30 September 2022.

This option will be available when the authorized capital of the Fund is increased by the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in the amount provided by the Law of Ukraine on the State Budget for 2022.

Thus, Energodim participants will be able to receive 50% compensation for the cost of activities / works for package A “Light” and 60% – for package B “Complex” (currently the grant reimbursement is 70% of the cost of technical services for both packages and 40% of costs for equipment, works and materials for package A and 50% – for package B). At the same time, the minimum own contribution of co-owners will remain unchanged: 40% for package A and 20% – for package B.

More details about the terms of the grant agreement, which are an integral part of the Energodim program, at the link:

Yegor Fareniuk, Acting Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund, thanked the international partners for their help and informed about the last year’s results of the Fund’s work.

“Last year, the Fund demonstrated the quality of its work – more than 200 fully or partially modernized buildings, almost doubled the number of participants who joined the Energodim program compared to the previous year – 552 condominiums. It is gratifying to know that we have strong support from the Government and international partners”, said Yegor Fareniuk

According to him, as of January 21, the Fund received 880 applications from condominiums to participate in the Energodim program, the total cost of projects exceeds UAH 7.3 billion, grants – UAH 4.5 billion. More than 80.8 thousand families became participants in the program and more than 200 houses were partially or completely modernized.

He also outlined the Fund’s plans for the current year, including, in particular, simplification of procedures, reduction of deadlines for processing applications and deadlines for the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

In addition, Yegor Fareniuk proposed to the Coordinating Council the concept of new simplified packages under the program “Energodim” – “ITP” and “Integration”.

The Fund will also study the possibility of expanding the Energodim program to houses where no condominiums have been established to increase the number of program participants.

During the meeting, the Coordinating Council raised other important issues, including legislative amendments to the Law of Ukraine on the Energy Efficiency Fund, simplification of the Energodim program, partnership with banks and discussed the final results of the EU / UNDP project Co-owners. decisions ”(UNDP HOUSES), etc.

The Energodim program operates in the version approved by the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund those November 18, 2021.