Support of the HOAs: In April, the Energy Efficiency Fund compensated over UAH 77 million to participants of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program

In the conditions of the military situation in Ukraine, the Energy Efficiency Fund continues to fulfill its obligations and provide support to the HOAs. In particular, in April of this year the Fund compensated co-owners more than UAH 77 million within the framework of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program. Since the start of the introduction of the military status in Ukraine, grants totaling about UAH 97,5 million have been paid to the participants of the Program.

The Energy Efficiency Fund continues its activities during the military period. In particular, 8 applications, submitted before February 24, were accepted. As of the end of April, 14 projects were completed. In the regions, where there is such possibility, construction works continue.

In general, 73 applications for project approval are currently in the Fund’s work, 47 HOAs have submitted applications for verification of the implemented energy efficiency measures.

At the same time, the Energy Efficiency Fund is carrying out work on the assessment of the current state of construction market participants who can be involved in the implementation of energy-efficient projects under the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program.

In particular, information is being collected on construction companies that can carry out works on thermal modernization of high-rise multi-apartment buildings in those regions of Ukraine where no fighting is taking place.