Yegor Fareniuk was approved at the position of the director of the Energy Efficiency Fund on the 22nd of February, 2022

The Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund has approved Yegor Fareniuk as the director of the institution since February 22, 2022.

The relevant decision was made by the members of the Supervisory Board at their meeting.

Yegor Fareniuk was elected to this position for a 3 year period, until February 21, 2025.

Given the positive results of a special inspection conducted in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Corruption, a decision was made to appoint Yegor Fareniuk as Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund from February 22, 2022,” commented Yulia Sabatyuk, Chairman of the Fund’s Supervisory Board.

The Director is a head of the Fund and the Directorate and has the right to represent the Fund without authorization.

The executive body of the Fund, which carries out the current management of its activities, is the Directorate, which consists of a director and at least two members of the Directorate (CFO and Technical Director).


Mr. Fareniuk graduated from the Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering of NTUU “KPI” in 1998, has more than 20 years of experience in the technical field, including management positions in the business. He is one of the leading specialists in the field of energy efficiency in construction, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

He is also a co-author of major regulations in the field of energy efficiency in construction, author of more than 30 scientific publications on energy efficiency and building structures, 3 of them in the scientometric database Scopus.

While working at the Energy Efficiency Fund, Yegor Fareniuk also participated in the development and launch of the Energodim program, which for more than two years has received more than 880 applications from co-owners for energy efficiency measures in apartment buildings.

Under his leadership, specialists of the Technical Office of the Fund developed for design engineers “Album of technical solutions: recommendations for quality development of project documentation”, reusable projects for thermal modernization of five- and nine-story residential buildings, as well as system verification and technical evaluation.

Competitive selection for the position of the Fund’s director began on September 15, 2021. Applications from candidates lasted until October 5 last year. The competition consisted of three main stages (preparatory, evaluation stage, and stage of selection of the winner) and included written and situational tasks, interviews, documentary tests, and more.

It will be recalled that in December 2021, The Supervisory Board has finished competitive selection of the new Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

For reference. The Supervisory Board is the highest governing body of the Energy Efficiency Fund. The Supervisory Board protects the rights of the founder, creditors, donors, and final beneficiaries of the Fund, ensures the fulfillment of the Fund’s objectives, and supervises the management of the Fund.