The eighth edition of Energodim program: online service for submitting applications has been launched

On June 30, 2021 the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund approved the next amendments to the Energodim Energy Supply Modernization Support Program and to other documents which are the integral part of the program.

A new version of the Program comes into force on July 7, 2021, except for changes related to the launch of the Web portal of e-services of the Fund. This means that starting from this day all applications will be accepted in a new version.

The transition period lasts 21 calendar days starting from the date the new version of the Program comes into force. That is, until July 27, 2021, the Fund accepts documents according to the forms of the current version of the Program, and according to the forms established by the previous version (as of December 17, 2020). And the changes related to the Web portal of e-services will be put into force based on a separate decision of the Management of the Fund.

Please follow the link to EE Fund webpage to find the text of the Energodim program in a new edition and other related documents: /dokumenty-fond/


Launch of Web portal to submit the applications

HOAs can submit the applications and all related documents via special web-portal online

This means all communication with EE Fund will be carried out via online e-cabinet of the participants of Energodim program.

This innovation will allow to simplify the process of submitting the documents, avoid the mistakes and accelerate the process of receiving the documents by the Fund.   

When does the Web portal launch?

The stipulated time when HOAs will be able to submit the applications in the test mode to participate at the Energodim program is late July 2021. The Fund will additionally inform about this on its website.

To begin with, the system will allow the participants to submit the applications for participation. The service on submission the applications for project approval and verification will be available later.

Who can submit the applications via e-cabinet?

The heads of HOAs and authorized persons will be eligible to fill in the application forms online, but only the head of the HOA can sign the application with the qualified electronic signature of the official.

Is it obligatory to submit the documents via e-cabinet?

IT IS NOT obligatory to apply via e-cabinet online. HOAs have the option to submit the application offline through the partner bank or directly to the Fund in special cases envisaged by the Program.

Is it necessary to send the paper documents?

No, there is no need to send the paper documents if you apply via e-cabinet.

How to get access to e-cabinet?

The link to access e-cabinet will be available on EE Fund webpage ( Please use the electronic key to access web portal.

All documents will be applied as scanned copies from the original document in a format supported by the system using the qualified electronic signature.

Is it envisaged to train HOAs to work at the e-cabinet?

The training will be conducted as soon as the Fund additionally introduces the launch of online portal.

IMPORTANT! However, the terms of the Program stipulate that applications for amendments (should be submitted after application for project approval if it is necessary to make changes to the project documentation), for verification and extension of the project can be submitted through the web portal only if the application for participation in the Program or for project approval were submitted through the web portal. Modified documents to the application must be submitted in the same way as the application itself.

In addition, if HOA applies for participation in the Energodim program through the web portal it must provide additionally the following supporting documents:

– certificate from the partner bank confirming the authority of the applicant’s representative;

– account opening confirmation from the partner bank.

Other amendments to the Energodim program as of June 30, 2021 envisage the following:

– change in the decision-making procedure regarding the applications, in particular, from now the Management of the Fund takes decisions only on the approval and rejection of applications, as well as on the revision in exceptional cases. Notice of revision of applications will be sent to the beneficiary on the basis of the conclusions of the structural units;

– removal of the restriction on the extension of applications review for 25 working days in case it is necessary to clarify or verify the information received from the HOAs. It is envisaged that the review may be continued for the period needed to obtain information. Such need is proven by real cases when the Fund is unable to meet these deadlines, as it requires information from third parties;

– in case the total amount of the applications submitted by one HOA exceeds UAH 5 million, all these applications should be approved by the Supervisory Board that will influence the time of their review.  

We recommend you read the detailed description of the changes in the COMPARISON TABLE.