The Parliament passed a law that provides for simplification for energy modernization of buildings and expands the scope of the Energy Efficiency Fund

Today, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the second reading and in general the law on creating conditions for the introduction of complex thermal modernization of buildings (draft of the lawl No. 6485), which provides for amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Energy Efficiency Fund’.

In particular, this law provides for the creation of new and improved mechanisms  for the energy efficiency of buildings, significantly simplifies the process of energy modernization of buildings under the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program. And, most importantly, creates conditions for the Fund to introduce energy efficiency programs for the renovation of houses damaged by military actions.

Among the key innovations, mentioned by the law, is provided for in particular:

  • – the possibility of paying grants in advance of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program, not only for reimbursement of the post-fact;
  • – the possibility of verification of projects after their completion or after completion of their separate stages;
  • – avoiding duplication of functions of other bodies or participants of the construction process, defined by the normative-legal and technical regulation in construction by the Fund;
  • – simplification of the order of decision-making of the HOAs in military conditions;
  • – expansion of the Fund’s activities, first of all, to enable the Fund to participate in the process of restoration of the destroyed and damaged by military actions of the housing fund, etc.

“We thank the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada that supported this draft of the law with all the amendments, proposed by the Fund in the established order, taking into account the challenges of the military situation. After all, this draft law was prepared last year. And in the pre-war period the key objective was to create conditions for the introduction of complex thermal modernization of buildings, including through simplification of procedures and expansion of the capabilities of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program. Military actions have made their own adjustments and now, in addition, to further development of energy efficiency, we see the need to support co-owners of multi-apartment buildings damaged by military action by providing financial support for quick repairs. Finally, we plan to introduce a  new special program and thanks to the law adopted today. The Energy Efficiency Fund will be able to implement this plan”- said Ehor Fareniuk, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

At the same time, he emphasized that the Fund plans to attract additional grant funds to implement a new program aimed at restoring the housing stock, destroyed and damaged as a result of military actions. That is, it is not about using the Fund’s funds provided for the implementation of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program.

‘Under the present conditions, it is extremely important to unite and focus our efforts to achieve victory and overcome the consequences of military actions in our country. The law adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada has the same direction. First of all, it is an important step toward energy independence of Ukraine and an important component of the National Plan for the Restoration of Ukraine, one of the basic principles, which is an immediate start and gradual development,’ said Mr. Ehor Fareniuk.