Heating savings more than double:results of energy modernization of a house in Khmelnytsky

Implementation of complex energy efficient projects in apartment buildings in Ukraine continues. Currently, more than 650 such projects under the Energodim program are at various stages of implementation of energy saving measures, from the development of project documentation to the implementation of repair and construction works.

It is the state program “Energodim”, implemented by the Energy Efficiency Fund, that allows for large-scale energy modernization of the domestic housing sector, 80% of which is in poor technical condition and needs renovation.

This was emphasized by Yegor Fareniuk, acting director of the Energy Efficiency Fund during the working visit of Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine to Khmelnytsky region, which took place today, November 13.


During his visit to Khmelnytsky, the head of the Fund together with the Minister visited a more than thirty-year-old building with the Franka 55 condominium, modernized under the Energodim program.

The house we saw today is a clear example of the synergy between homeowners and government support. The work in the house is just coming to an end, but the result speaks for itself: it is both the appearance of the house and the level of comfort in it, and most importantly – the reduction of heat pay. Such results should be in at least 80% of all apartment buildings in need of modernization, as they are in unsatisfactory technical condition. It is the Energodim program that allows for the large-scale energy modernization of the domestic housing sector, Yegor Fareniuk said.


HOAS “Franka 55” chose package B “Complex” program and decided to implement energy efficiency measures:

– Installation of an individual heating point (ITP)

– Thermal insulation and replacement of pipelines and internal heating systems and hot water supply systems

– Hydraulic balancing of the heating system due to the installation of automatic (balancing) valves

– Warming of external walls of the house, a roof

– Replacement of doors and window blocks and balcony door blocks in common areas of the building

– Modernization of the hot water supply system

– Replacement of window blocks and balcony door blocks in apartments, insulation and glazing of existing balconies and loggias

The estimated cost of the project is over UAH 24 million, the size of the grant is about UAH 16.9 million. The declared annual emission reduction is 740.1 tons/year.

Thanks to the Energodim program hundreds of houses in the regions of Ukraine are transformed into energy efficient. HOAS “Franka-55” is an example of how, thanks to state support, local programs and people’s initiative, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of payments. The cost of heat supply for the residents of this house (which is more than 350 apartments) in October this year amounted to 2.91 UAH per square meter. In neighboring houses for the same period – two or three times more expensive. Upon completion of all activities, the house will save 50% of energy resources. This is a model of profitable investment in the future. I urge others to use the opportunities provided by the state and our international partners, “said Minister Oleksiy Chernyshov.


He also informed that a total of 16 projects are being implemented in Khmelnytsky region, which are participants of the Energodim program, 12 of them – in Khmelnytsky itself. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of these projects is about 160 million UAH, of which more than 105 million UAH will be returned by the Energy Efficiency Fund as a grant.

During the visit, Oleksiy Chernyshov also held a meeting at the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration, one of the main topics of which was energy efficiency.


As a result of the meeting, it was decided to strengthen cooperation between the Fund and state administrations. In addition, the Minister instructed to appoint a responsible person who will promote and inform local governments with multi-apartment housing stock about the opportunities available to citizens for thermal modernization of multi-storey residential buildings through participation in the Energodim program.

As reported, in October of this year, Yegor Farenyuk visited a modernized house in Chortkiv in the Ternopil region.