HOA “Molodizhnyi Pereyaslav” renovated its heating system under the Energodim program

Investing in energy efficiency of your home is the best way to save money in the future. What needs to be done is to start with the renovation of the heating system, that will lower the utility bills almost immediately after its completion.

Residents of the multifamily building HOA “Molodizhnyi Pereyaslav” in Pereyaslav constantly complained over the lack of heat in their apartments, large heat losses and high heating bills.

Therefore, in December 2019, they applied for participation in the Energodim program and they chose package A “Light”. The implemented energy efficiency measures under this program solved all these problems.

At the end of April 2021, this HOA received the last part of the grant. The total amount of the grand made 466 000,00 UAH or 60% of the project cost under the terms of the Program.

Characteristics of the building

Their five-storey building was built in 1980, and has 94 apartments and 6 entrances, with 94 co-owners living there.

The residents chose package A “Light”, that allowed them to install the individual heating unit, heat meter and automatic balancing valves, that helped to reach equalized heat distribution.  

Earlier, the residents of this multifamily building participated in the other support programs. Due to these programs they insulated the technical floor and installed new windows in the public area.

Please follow the link to find more details about all the energy efficiency measures implemented in the multifamily building HOA “Molodizhnyi Pereyaslav”: https://bit.ly/2K4hvAb


The main indicators of the program

Total project cost – 761 600,00 UAH including 466 300,00 UAH or 60% as a program grant, namely:

– 11 900,00 UAH – energy audit

– 36 900,00 UAH – project design development and its expertise

– 417 500,00 UAH – work, materials, and equipment

Total own contribution from the residents is 295 260,00 UAH.

Working costs per each apartment makes 48,92 UAH/m2 or 2935,00 UAH for the apartment with the area of 60 km2.

Duration of the project – 17 months (12.2019-04.2021).


The estimated economy after the implemented measures makes 153 100,00 kWh/year or 240 400,00 UAH/year.

In this case the energy consumption will be reduced to 12,2%.

Expected annual СО2 emission reduction is 144 tons/year.

After the implementation of the energy efficiency measures the temperature in the apartments in different parts of the building is equalized. We received lower heating bills in the first month after the implementation of the energy efficiency measures. For example, the savings for the heat consumption at 63 m2 three-room apartment comparing to a similar apartment in a neighboring building without a heat meter and individual heating unit, after the first month made 320,00 UAH, and then 450,00 UAH “, – says Nadiya Iegovska, Head of the HOA “Molodizhnyi Pereyaslav”.



“Energodim” brings comfort and economy to your home”. Please follow the link for more details: /energodim/.

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Energodim program is financed by the charter capital of the Energy Efficiency Fund, funded from the State budget of Ukraine, and financial support from the EU and German government. The program is implemented in partnership with IFC, GIZ and UNDP.