HOA “Avtonom-69” in Zhytomyr completed renovation of heat supply system

Residents of HOA Avtonom-69 in Zhytomir applied for participation in the Energodim program in May 2020, having chosen the EE measures Package A (“Light”). 

In February 2021, the HOA received full compensation for the implemented measures in the amount of UAH 983,700, which is 60% of the related costs under the program terms.

Description of the Building

A nine-storeyed building with HOA “Avtonom-69” is 33 years old, has 96 apartments and three entrances, and houses 300 co-owners. 

“It was warm in the apartments on the top floors while the residents of the lower floors were freezing. Now, when we installed the balancing valves, the temperature has leveled off. We have been doing this for four years,” says Oleksandr Yaremenko, chairman of the HOA Avtonom-69.

Thus, thanks to Energodim program, the following energy efficient measures were implemented in the building: putting up an individual heating station, replacement and insulation of heating pipelines, replacement of doors and windows in common use areas, and installation of automatic balancing valves.

For more information on all measures from package “A” implemented in the house, see the project map: https://bit.ly/2K4hvAb.


Project fact sheet

Overall project value is UAH 1.6 million, of which UAH 983,700 or 60% was covered by the grant under the Program, including:

– UAH 68,000 for project design documentation preparation and review

– UAH 915,700 for works, equipment and material.

The co-owners’ contribution was UAH 633,800.

In addition, the city council will reimburse interest on the loan borrowed by the HOA for the implementation of energy efficiency measures, within 1.5 year.

The cost of works per apartment was UAH 81.73 / m2 or UAH 4,904 per apartment of 60 m2.

The project implementation period is 10 months (05.2020-02.2021)


Residents of the house will save annually 340,100 kW∙hour/year or over UAH 478,600 p.a.

Therefore, they will consume by 20.8% less energy.

The declared annual avoidance of СО2 is 76.63 tons.



Energodim brings comfort and savings to your home. More information about the program: /energodim/.

Regional advisors will help you implement energy saving measures in the house, see relevant contacts using the following link: https://bit.ly/37wJodf.

The Energodim program is funded from the authorized capital of the Energy Efficiency Fund, which is funded by the State Budget of Ukraine, as well as by contributions from the European Union and the Government of Germany, and operates with support of IFC, GIZ and UNDP.