Supervisory Board Appointed New Chief Financial Officer to the Energy Efficiency Fund

The State Agency Energy Efficiency Fund has completed the competitive selection of candidates for the position of the Fund’s Chief Financial Officer. Olena Levchenko has won the competition and was appointed to the position.

Ms. Levchenko gained over 29 years of work experience in the field of finances, holding positions such as Vice President for Finances, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Accountant in domestic and international companies. A professional financier, she repeatedly entered the list of TOP-10 financial directors of Ukraine.

Of note, the competitive selection for the position of the CFO and a member of the Directorate of the State Agency “Energy Efficiency Fund” ran from March 22, 2021 till April 21, 2021. A total of 24 applications were submitted.

The competition provided equal access to all candidates: 15 applications were received from men and 9 applications (38%) from women.

The applications were evaluated based on merit and qualification requirements, and as a result 18 applicants were admitted to the second stage and, subsequently, 16 candidates – to the third stage. The following stages of the competition, including case studies and interviews, were held in one day. Then, the candidates were interviewed by the entire composition of the Supervisory Board of the Fund, which selected the winner, and invited other runners-up to be included into the Fund’s candidates pool.