Yulia Sabatyuk is the new Chair of the EE Fund’s Supervisory Board

From now on, the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund is chaired by Yulia Sabatyuk, an independent member of the Fund’s highest governance body.

As chairwomen, she replaces Andrzej Rajkiewicz, who remains a member of the Supervisory Board.


Yuliya Sabatyuk is an expert in the field of housing and communal services, has over 20 years of work experience in housing and energy efficiency. She is an active advocate of reforms in multi-apartment housing sector in Ukraine.

A teacher by education, Ms. Sabatyuk decided to begin professional career in housing and communal services in early 2000s. Since 2001, Yulia Sabatyuk held the positions of the Heads of a few HOAs, and in 2011, was elected the Chair of the Board of HOA Heads in Lutsk.

In 2015-2017 she worked for IRI, IFC, and USAID projects as an expert on energy saving in apartment buildings, and in establishing and running HOAs.

Yulia Sabatyuk has been an independent member of the Supervisory Board of the EE Fund since the launch of the Fund in December 2018.

Her current appointment is due to the rotation of the members of the Supervisory Board. Andrzej Rajkiewicz, the ex-chair of the Supervisory Board, will continue as a Board member.

For information. The Supervisory Board is the highest governance body of the state institution Energy Efficiency Fund. The Supervisory Board protects the rights of the founder, creditors, donors, and final beneficiaries of the Fund, ensuring the fulfillment of the Fund’s objectives and supervising the Fund’s management board.

The Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund is composed of two representatives of the Government, two independent members and one representative of international donors.