The Supervisory Board appointed a new Technical Director of the ЕЕFund

The Supervisory Board approved the appointment of a new technical director of the Energy Efficiency Fund – Ihor Krechkevych, who has experience in both the business and public sectors.

The technical director is a member of the Directorate and head of the technical office of the Fund, involved in all strategic and operational decisions. Among his responsibilities are organizing the implementation of best practices in the field of energy efficiency, carrying out technical evaluation of energy efficiency projects, constant monitoring and analysis of the quality of energy efficiency activities, carrying out verification of projects after completion and organizing independent verification. The Technical Director of the Fund is appointed for a three-year term.

The new technical director of the Energy Efficiency Fund — Ihor Krechkevych — graduated from the National University of Water Management and Environmental Management in Rivne, where he received an engineering education. There he continued his postgraduate studies and additionally obtained education in the field of economics. Ihor Krechkevych has many years of management experience in the automobile business, where he has never ceased to be interested in trends in energy, alternative energy sources, and environmental protection. Part of the experience of the new technical director of the Fund is work at an enterprise that specialized in the production of industrial equipment for working with biomass and renewable energy sources. In addition, Ihor Krechkevych worked in a public organization that closely cooperated with the central authorities on the formation of anti-corruption measures.

Holding the post of deputy mayor of Rivne, he oversaw the direction of capital construction, took care of issues of strategic development of the city, energy efficiency and environmental protection. In particular, under his leadership, the municipal support program for HOAs “Energodim — Rivne” was developed, thanks to which the number of HOAs that participated in the Program of the Energy Efficiency Fund “ENERGODIM” increased. In addition, a city energy management system was created. Constantly working with homeowners associations, Ihor Krechkevych studied the problems of energy efficiency of the residential multi-apartment sector and its importance for the vitality of the city. “A compound economic complex that combines the generation and consumption of heat, as well as other resources, requires a systemic approach, including support from the state,” he comments.