New changes to the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program are being introduced since July 05, 2022

On June 28, 2022, the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund approved the next changes to the Programme for support of energy modernisation of multi-apartment buildings ENERGODIM and the Procedure of verification of energy efficiency projects/activities carried out with the participation of the Fund.

In particular, the amendments provide for granting the beneficiary the right to carry out construction works in five steps, regardless of the total cost of the project under the Package of measures ‘B’. This decision is made, taking into account the difficult economic situation in the country, and in view of the fact that under the current conditions, participants of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program have limited access to credit banking products.

A detailed description of the changes is shown in THE COMPARISON TABLE.

Also, the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund approved the decision that the documents submitted in the form of electronic copies certified by the key of electronic digital signature of the Сhairman of the HOA Board or the key of electronic digital signature of the individual, who is the Chairman of the Board, do not need further replacement with paper copies. This change is also applied to those participants of the Program who have already submitted their documents in electronic form before the decision is made.

The announcement regarding the introduction of the above mentioned changes, published on the Fund’s website. The changes will be implemented from the next day after the publication of the announcement, i.e. from July 5, 2022.

The text of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program with changes, as well as supporting documents, placed on the Fund’s website in the section ‘Documents’.

As a reminder, on March 30, 2022, the Supervisory Board of the SI ‘Energy Efficiency Fund’ temporarily simplified certain provisions of the Program, suspending the operation of a number of them, since some of the HOAs, due to the military situation in the country, are unable to submit documents for grants according to the current requirements of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program.