The Energy Efficiency Fund renews the payment of grants in full

  The Energy Efficiency Fund continues to fulfill its obligations and compensate HOAs for expenses, in particular within the framework of the “ENERGODIM” Program. This became possible thanks to the approval of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Procedure for the Execution of Powers by the State Treasury Service in a Special Regime under Martial Law” (December 23, 2022 No. 1420).

We would like to remind you that with the beginning of martial law, financing of energy efficient projects by the Fund was limited. Expenditures of the State Budget of the country for ensuring the activities of the Fund and for the payment of obligations to the Beneficiaries were not prioritized in accordance with the Resolution of the CMU No. 590 “On approval of the Procedure for the Execution of Powers by the State Treasury Service in a Special Regime under Martial Law”. The approved amendments solved this problem — from now on, all projects will be financed in full.

“We are grateful to the Government of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development for their assistance in solving this issue,” commented Olena Levchenko, financial director of the Energy Efficiency Fund. — We are grateful that in this, without a doubt, the most difficult time for the country, we can continue the implementation of extremely important projects, bringing Ukraine’s energy independence closer. The Energy Efficiency Fund will continue to implement programs aimed at implementing international agreements, in particular EE4U and EE4U-II. Ukraine’s struggle against the aggressor brought significant changes to social and economic life. But the desire for independence and the movement in the direction of European integration remain unchanged. We are grateful that we can continue to take care of the energy modernization of the country.”

The development of the Fund’s current activities takes place in the conditions of initiating and introducing changes to the legislation of Ukraine. The adoption of Resolution No. 1420 as of December 23, 2022 will enable the Fund to make timely payments of grants to HOAs that fulfill their obligations under the “ENERGODIM” Program.