Changes to the Energodim Program: new opportunities to support HOAs

On July 30, 2020, the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund approved amendments to the Energy Supply Modernization Support Program “Energodim”, as well as other documents that are an integral part of the Program. The new version of the program comes into force on August 4, 2020. This means that from this day on, all applications will be accepted in a new version.


The transition period will be 21 (calendar) days from the date of entry into force of the new version of the Program. That is, the Fund will accept documents, both under the new requirements and according to the established forms of the previous edition (from April 16, 2020) – till August 25, 2020, inclusive.

The text of the Energodim Program in the new edition and accompanying documents are available on the website of the Energy Efficiency Fund. The Energodim program now allows apartment building co-owners to engage service providers to support energy modernization projects and receive reimbursement from the Fund to pay for such services.

What major changes have taken place?

For condominiums-participants in the Program, there is an opportunity to use the services of the professional support of projects under the terms of the Program “Energodim”. The amount of the Fund’s Grant to reimburse costs in this area is 70% of the cost of such a service at each stage of project implementation.

Important conditions:

  • the total cost of project support services should not exceed 1.8% of the actual cost of eligible construction project activities for the Complex Package (B) and 5% for the Light Package (A). If the condominiums exceed these limits, the Fund takes into account when calculating the grant, and therefore, accordingly, the amount of reimbursement will be less than the established 70%;

  • ACMHs independently determine whether such service providers should be involved in the project, this is not a mandatory condition of the Program;

  • to involve project managers of condominiums can at any stage of project implementation;

  • in the case of step-by-step verification, reimbursement of the cost of project support services is carried out upon the final payment of the Grant, without reimbursement in installments during the implementation of individual verification steps.

Some editorial changes to the Grant Policy of the Program emphasize that the eligible costs related to construction works, technical and author’s supervision services may not exceed the total estimated cost indicated in the estimate documentation and correspond to the report (conclusion, assessment) of the expert organization.


Other changes made to the Program concern:

simplification of document preparation procedures. In particular:

  • abbreviated names of some documents;

  • remote options for selecting names of districts and regions;

  • the option of submitting the details of the protocol on the decision on the participation of condominiums in the Program was removed;

  • now energy certificates need to be formed and attached to the application for participation in the Program for the whole house (and not its separate parts);

facilitating the process of submitting documents to the Fund for making corrections and additions. Such documents can now be sent directly to the Energy Efficiency Fund, without the mediation of partner banks minor expansions in the description of energy efficiency measures and requirements for materials, equipment, and additions to the list of clarifying guarantees regarding conflicts of interest.

Also, Annex № 11 of the Procedure for Participants was supplemented with provisions describing the evaluation criteria of Applicants / Beneficiaries, applications, and projects. Appendix 4.3 also appeared, which explains how to fill in the Adjustment Form for the Project Description, the functionality of which is to significantly simplify the procedure of document preparation at the stage of project documentation development and in case of amendments to the Project.

You can learn more about changes in the Program from the COMPARISON TABLE

It will be recalled that on July 30, 2020, the Foundation’s Supervisory Board approved changes to the Energodim Program