Suspension of certain norms of the Energodim program for the period of the war

The Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund has simplified the norms of the Energodim program, as some co-owners are not able to apply for grants under the current requirements of the program. 

In particular, the following norms have been temporarily simplified for the period of martial law: 

The requirement for a limited period of project implementation is suspended. That is, for the period of martial law, the project implementation period is not counted, the countdown will resume after its termination. (For example, the approval of the application for participation and accession of  co-owners to the grant agreement took place on January 24, 2022: so the term of such a project is 1 month. Countdown will resume after the end of martial law). 

Co-owners may not send the following documents to the Fund: 

– Copy (s) of the contract (s) for the implementation of project work on the development of project documentation and its examination; 

-A copy of the contract with the contractor (s) for the implementation of energy efficiency measures; 

-Copies of the contract for technical and copyright supervision; 

-A copy of the contract for certification of energy efficiency of the house after the implementation of energy efficiency measures; 

-Copies of documents confirming the fact that the energy auditor is in the staff of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (in the case of concluding a contract for energy efficiency certification of an apartment building with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur); 

-A copy of the contract for the preparation of the inspection report of modernized engineering systems.

Importantly! At the same time, condominiums remain obliged to carry out relevant work within the project and enter into contracts with contractors, but from now on there is no need to send copies to the Fund for confirmation. 

During martial law, the Fund will not reimburse consolidated budget items, which often contain inconsistencies, inaccuracies and require additional inquiries (business trips, risks, inflation, etc.). At the same time, the compensation of the basic cost of construction works will be carried out without changes. 

In particular, the Fund will not reimburse the costs of the following types of works/services: 

– Construction and dismantling of temporary buildings and structures of industrial and auxiliary purposes, provided by the project (working project) 

– Execution of construction works in the winter 

– Execution of construction works in the summer 

– Surcharges to employees in connection with the loss of travel time from the location of the construction company (assembly point) to the construction site and back

– Transportation of employees of construction companies by road 

– Business trip of employees of construction organizations to the construction site 

– Payment of interest for the use of bank loans 

– Maintenance of customer service 

– Conducting the procurement procedure 

– Formation of insurance fund documentation 

– Payment for services related to the preparation for work, their implementation and commissioning of construction projects (including funds for the payment of services related to the connection of the construction site to existing engineering networks)

 – Reimbursement of costs associated with providing an environmental impact assessment opinion 

– Risk coverage of all participants in the construction 

– Coverage of additional costs associated with inflation. 

Importantly! After the abolition of martial law, co-owners may order a review of the Act (s) of acceptance of construction work for compliance with budget norms in terms of pricing in construction from forensic experts or expert organizations of state ownership and submit its results to the Fund for partial compensation of the above items. 

At the same time, those co-owners that have already submitted to the Fund documents for verification of the project together with the opinion of a forensic expert, with a positive assessment will receive appropriate compensation for the cost of works/services. 

It is allowed to submit paper documents on Energy Efficiency Certification after the project completion and inspection of engineering systems of the building, for which energy efficiency measures have been taken, in case of problems with the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction. This norm is introduced due to technical interruptions in the work of the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction. 

Importantly! After the abolition of martial law and the resumption of safe operation of this system, co-owners will be required to ensure the registration of relevant documents in the register and notify the Fund of registration. 

During martial law, the requirement to submit a report to the Fund containing photos and descriptions of energy efficiency measures carried out in the building was abolished. 

That is, from now on co-owners can only send photos of the house and the measures implemented in it, sufficient to confirm the fact of work. 

The requirement to submit documents confirming the quality of equipment and materials used during construction and installation works is abolished, except in cases when the materials used are new, i.e. such materials have not yet been used within the framework of the Program.

Importantly! verification of compliance of equipment and materials with the requirements of current legislation and the program will be carried out within the existing database of such documents in the Fund. 

Persons who have the authority of the chairman of the board can now sign and submit documents/applications for consideration if the chairman himself is unable to perform his duties due to martial law. 

If such persons cannot exercise their powers or there are no such persons, other members of the board authorized by the relevant decision of the board of co-owners may sign and submit documents.

Importantly! Despite the imposition of martial law, the Fund continues to review and approve applications (except for new applications) and to pay grants. 

The text of the announcement is posted on the Fund’s website.