The third anniversary of the Fund: main achievements and challenges

The Energy Efficiency Fund celebrates its third anniversary on July 24, 2021. Three years ago,the Fund was officially registered as a legal entity.

We are sincerely grateful to our government, international partners, local authorities, and citizens for their overwhelming support in the implementation of energy efficiency measures in Ukrainian multifamily buildings!

Over the years, the Fund showed qualitative results of its work. The achievements are the following:

– More than 700 applications received from the co-owners to participate in the Energodim program.The total cost of the projects exceeds UAH 5.7 billion. This means that more than 63.5 thousand families became the participants of the Program. They will receive the compensation from the Energy Efficiency Fund in total more than UAH 3.6 billion as a grant. The expected energy savings after the implementation of the projects will be more than 308.5 million kWh/year or more than UAH 411 million/year, and the reduction of CO2 emissions will make more than 81 thousand tons/year.

– About 450 energy-saving projects are in the active phase of implementation under the Energodim program throughout Ukraine. 105 co-owners started project design development process of future energy modernization for their buildings, 51 co-owners partially or completely performed repair and construction works in their homes, and 25 co-owners received full compensation and completed the projects.

– 228 memoranda on cooperation signed with local governments. The Fund has already assisted 116 communities in developing new or adapting existing co-financing programs for energy efficiency measures. In particular, the amount of funding for approved programs is over UAH 100 million. This means that more than 9,000 co-owners can enjoy local support in implementing energy saving measures in their homes.

– Cooperation with banks: the Fund concluded cooperation agreements in frames of the Energodim program with four banks: Ukrgasbank, Kredobank, PrivatBank and Oschadbank.

– Improvement of the Energodim program, etc. The Fund experts are constantly working to simplify the conditions of participation in the program, reduce the financial burden on co-owners and accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures. In total, the Supervisory Board of the Fund approved 8 editions of the document.

– Acceding to the UN Global Compact, that provides an opportunity to implement the recommendations of best practices for sustainable development of organizations and provide regular public reporting on the implementation of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals-2030.

– Digitalization of the application process for the Energodim program: via personal e-cabinet of the applicant, etc.

Further plans: continuing digitalization of the processes, improvement of the Energodim program conditions and services provided to co-owners, work on changes to relevant legislation,deepening cooperation with communities and stimulating the creation of local energy efficiency support programs, presentation of reuse projects that will simplify the process of designing and creating a marketplace for market participants.