Professional support of energy modernization projects of high-rise buildings: changes to the Energodim program were presented at the Ministry of Regional Development

Thermal modernization projects of high-rise buildings will be accompanied by professional project managers, the state will return 70% of the cost of their services.

This was discussed at a joint press conference held on August 4 at the Ministry of Community Development and Territories of Ukraine.

The event was attended by Vasyl Lozynsky, First Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine, Yulia Holovatyuk-Unguryanu, Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund, and Yulia Zhovtyak, Deputy Director of the State Employment Center.

During the press conference, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the State Enterprise “Energy Efficiency Fund” and the State Employment Center took place. Participants agreed to work together on the development and implementation of a training course, which is planned to be conducted based on employment services for citizens who are interested in gaining knowledge for professional support of thermal modernization projects.

“The Energodim program has undergone important changes that increase the level of support for our clients – condominiums. Now the co-owners can involve in all (or some) stages of the project – a specialist who will provide services for professional support of the project of energy modernization of the house. The Fund is ready to reimburse the cost of such services in the amount of 70%” – Yulia Holovatyuk-Unguryanu, Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

According to her, project managers will work on market conditions and help condominiums in finding contractors to perform thermal modernization of the house, pre-calculate the cost of work, help draw up the necessary documents for participation in the Energy Fund EE Fund, accompanying documents and agreements, analyze loan options. and financial capabilities of condominiums.

Vasyl Lozynskyi, First Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, stressed that the main task of the establishment and operation of the Energy Efficiency Fund was the transition to the implementation of qualitatively new thermal modernization projects.

According to Lozynsky, professional support of projects will help to scale the practice of thermal modernization of high-rise buildings and create a new market of jobs for a large number of specialists.

It should be understood that 2020 is the last year of implementation of the “warm loans” program, which supports the implementation of targeted energy efficiency measures in high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is already necessary to apply for help and support to the Energy Efficiency Fund, which has many times more financial capacity to support the energy modernization of buildings. And the new option of attracting project support specialists and reimbursing the cost of their services, approved in the new version of the Fund’s Energodim Program, will greatly increase the level of interest in participating in this program, ”adds Vasyl Lozynsky.

He stressed that large-scale implementation of energy-efficient practices in the country’s housing sector has always been an important task to ensure Ukraine’s energy independence. Therefore, energy-efficient, economical, and comfortable homes are one of the priorities of public policy today. According to the First Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development, the Ministry of Regional Development continues to work on the development of bylaws that will ensure the large-scale implementation of energy efficiency practices in the housing sector.

To establish a systematic training process for project managers, the Energy Efficiency Fund is partnering with the public employment service to create a special training course based on PES vocational education centers.

“The State Employment Service and the Energy Efficiency Fund plan to implement a joint project to train specialists who will support energy modernization projects. The training will take place based on vocational education centers of the state employment service. Today, there are 11 such centers in the structure of the PES. These are adult educational institutions of the European model with strong material and technical base and highly qualified staff. They are always ready for new challenges dictated by dynamic changes in the labor market. Undoubtedly, large-scale thermal modernization will contribute to the creation of a new industry – the market of services for management and energy efficiency of housing, and, accordingly, job creation for people across the country, small and medium business development, “said Julia Zhovtyak, Deputy Director of the State Employment Center.

The online school of project managers will also start operating on August 17. Specialists of the Foundation, international partner organizations, and representatives of partner banks will train everyone from August 17 to 28 (first set). The announcement of registration for the School will be published on the Found’s website and the official Facebook page.