New members of the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund were appointed by the Government of Ukraine

By order dated 30 June 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed new representatives of the Government in the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

Vasyl Lozynsky and Oleksandr Zhuk became new representatives from the Cabinet of Ministers. In these positions, they replaced Vasyl Draganchuk and Natalia Khotsianivska.

Vasyl Lozynsky is the First Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine. He is international economist, translator, lawyer, Master of Public Administration.

Starting from April 2020 Vasyl Lozynsky ensures the formation and implementation of state policy, as well as technical regulation policy in the field of energy efficiency of buildings.

Oleksandr Zhuk is the Deputy Director of the Department of Finance of the Fuel and Energy Complex and Property Relations, Head of the Department of Finance of Fuel and Energy Resources of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Reference. The Supervisory Board is the highest governing body of the SI “Energy Efficiency Fund”. The Supervisory Board is responsible for protecting the rights of the founders, creditors, donors and ultimate beneficiaries of the Fund. The SB ensures the fulfillment of the Fund, goals and supervises the management of the Fund.

The Supervisory Board of the EE Fund includes two members of the Government of Ukraine, two independent members, and a representative of the Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

As it was reported earlier, Julia Sabatiuk became the Head of the Supervisory Board of the EE Fund.