Cooperation between Dnipro City Council and the Energy Efficiency Fund: 5 pilot projects on energy modernization of buildings in 2022

The Energy Efficiency Fund and the Dnipro City Council are expanding cooperation within the framework of implementing projects on complex energy modernization of high-rise buildings under the Energodim program.

Currently, under the Energodim program, more than 200 fully or partially modernized houses, residents of which will receive up to 70% compensation for energy efficiency measures.

The Dnipro authorities also joined the financial assistance to the citizens of the city in the implementation of such projects and developed a program to support condominiums participating in the Energodim program for 2022-2026 with funding of 1.2 billion UAH. The first 5 pilot projects will be implemented this year.

This was stated by Yegor Fareniuk, Acting Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund, during the general meeting of condominiums participating in the Energodim program with the participation of representatives of the Dnipro city authorities, which took place recently in the Dnipro.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the benefits and opportunities of the Energodim program for citizens, the existing financial instruments for project implementation, as well as to tell them about the main steps to participate in the local program of co-financing energy efficiency measures.


Yegor Fareniuk told the audience about the benefits and opportunities of the Energodim program and encouraged those present to participate in the local support program.

He stressed that the Dnipro has an effective and powerful local program to support condominiums, which has no analogs in other cities. However, similar programs should be initiated in other parts of Ukraine.

It is in the Dnipro that the conditions for the participation of condominiums for thermal modernization of buildings are unprecedented. Such painless conditions, when local support is provided to Energodim grant funds, allow residents to participate in the project without attracting credit funds. Today, housing needs to be made more energy-efficient, thereby halving heating bills, ”said Yegor Fareniuk.

According to Severin Marynchuk, a deputy of the Dnipro City Council, the city council has adopted programs to support co-owner’s initiatives to implement energy efficiency measures in their homes, which allow to compensate up to 30% of the cost of work and provide interest-free repayable assistance of up to 20% of all measures. which condominiums will return at the expense of the savings.

Under the terms of the program, UAH 500 million of repayable assistance and UAH 700 million of non-repayable assistance are planned to be allocated from the Dnipro budget within 5 years.

You can get acquainted with the terms of providing up to 20% of the cost of all activities on an interest-free repayable basis at the link:, with the terms of providing up to 30% of the cost on a non-refundable basis –


There are more than 6,000 apartment buildings in the city of Dnipro, of which more than 1,200 are condominiums.

In total, the Energy Efficiency Fund has received more than 40 applications for participation in the Energodim program from condominiums from Dnipro, some of which have already started developing energy-saving projects.

You can learn more about the Energodim program at /energodim/.

It will be recalled that in July 2021, the Energy Efficiency Fund and the Dnipro city authorities signed a memorandum of cooperation.