The Fund analyzes the market of construction companies operating in military time

The Energy Efficiency Fund is conducting an analysis of the construction companies that can carry out works on thermo modernization of high-rise multi-apartment buildings in those regions of Ukraine where no combat actions are taking place.

The analysis will help to assess the current state of construction market participants who can be involved in energy-efficient projects implementation under the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program and in other areas.

In particular, the companies that can carry out (or carry out) works on thermal modernization of the fencing structures (facades, roofs) of buildings and modernization of heating systems.

Analysis of information about local construction companies and private entrepreneurs in the construction sector, which continue to work in peaceful regions of Ukraine, is carried out jointly with regional state administrations and the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU).

In the future, this information will be combined with the latest data on equipment manufacturers and will become the basis for the pool of workers to repair housing and infrastructure damaged by the fighting.