Energy renovation has halved utility bills of the residents of HOA “Zemska 39” in Pryluky

Residents of an almost 40-years old five-storey apartment block with HOA “Zemska 39” in Pryluky applied for participation in the Energodim Program in March 2020, having selected the package of energy efficiency measures B (Complex).

In late April 2021, the HOA received the final instalment of the UAH 3.0 million grant, which represents 70% of the project value under the Program terms. Henceforth, the residents’ utility bills reduced by 50%.

Description of the building

Their five-storey apartment block was built in 1983, it has 40 apartments and 3 entrances, and houses 72 families. 

Residents of the apartment block applied for participation in the Energodim Program in March 2020 to address such challenges, as uneven distribution of heat in the house, leaking pipes, huge heat losses through old windows and doors and others.

In recent years, our house presented us nothing else but problems: pipes in the basement leaked, in wintertime snow penetrated through the old windows, which did not close tight, in some apartments it was as cold as 16-17 °C in winter, while others were too warm,” says Valentina Trokhymenko, Head of the HOA “Zemska 39”.

Residents selected the package “Complex” of the program “Energodim” and implemented the following EE measures:

-installation of an individual heating station (ITS)

-replacement and thermal insulation of pipelines of the heat supply system in unheated premises

-replacement and thermal insulation of hot water supply pipelines

-installation of automatic (balancing) valves

-insulation of external walls

-replacement of windows and doors in common use areas

For more information on all measures implemented in the building of the HOA “Zemska 39”, see the project map:

Project fact sheet

The total project value is UAH 4.2 million, of which nearly UAH 2.97 million or 70% is covered by the grant under the program, including:

– UAH 11,900 for energy audit

– UAH 95,800 for preparation and review of project design documentation. 

– UAH 2.86 million for works, material, and equipment.

The co-owners’ contribution is over UAH 1.2 million.

The cost of works calculated per apartment is UAH 467/m2 or UAH 28,000 for one 60 m2 apartment.

Duration of the project is 14 months (03.2020-04.2021).


The savings after the implemented measures are estimated at 235,500 kWh /year or UAH 382,800 / year.

The energy consumption is therefore reduced by 38.2%.

The declared annual reduction of CO2 emissions is 63.8 tons / year.

After the renovation, the figures in utility bills have gone down drastically. On average, we pay 45-50% less. For comparison, last winter, the cost of heating of a three-room apartment in a neighboring house was UAH 3,800, while in our building it was UAH 1,900. That is, 50% of net savings. Also, the temperature in the apartments has flattened out, with the average temperature around 20 °C. In fact, living has become a lot more comfortable and the utility services have become twice as cheap,” says the Head of HOA “Zemska 39”.

Energodim brings comfort and savings to your home. More information about the program: /energodim/.

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The Energodim program is funded from the authorized capital of the Energy Efficiency Fund, which is funded by the State Budget of Ukraine, as well as by contributions from the European Union and the Government of Germany, and operates with support of IFC, GIZ and UNDP.