More than 130 designers and homeowners associations were trained under the Energodim program in Dnipro

Today in Dnipro there was free training under the Energodim program for designers and homeowners associations of the Dnipropetrovsk region on the basis of energy-innovative HUB Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

The event was supported by the Energy Efficiency Fund and the Department for Self-Organization of the Population of the Dnipro City Council.


The event was attended by more than 130 people, including representatives of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Dnipro State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Dnipro City Council, homeowners associations, and designers who intend to cooperate under the Energodim program.

Oleg Pokidko, Head of the Energy Efficiency Fund’s Development and Training Department, was present at the event and told the participants about the possibilities and essence of the Energodim program, which allows homeowners associations to receive up to 70% compensation for energy efficiency measures in apartment buildings.

In addition, Oleh Pokidko told the participants about the implemented projects in high-rise buildings under the Energodim program from different regions of Ukraine, requirements for equipment and materials, and presented reuse projects.


In particular, Dnipro approved the Program for providing financial support to Dnipro homeowners associations on a revolving basis for participants of the Energodim program for 2022-2026 with funding of UAH 500 million and the Program for supporting the implementation of energy-saving measures of homeowners associations for 2022-2026 with funding of UAH 700 million.

You can get acquainted with the terms of providing up to 20% of the cost of all activities on an interest-free repayable basis at the link:, with the terms of providing up to 30% of the cost on a non-refundable basis –

There are more than 6,000 apartment buildings in the city of Dnipro, of which more than 1,200 are homeowners associations.

In total, the Energy Efficiency Fund received 50 applications for participation in the Energodim program from homeowners associations from Dnipro, some of which have already started developing energy saving projects.


More about the Energodim program – /energodim/

It will be recalled that in 2022 it is planned to implement 5 pilot energy efficiency projects in high-rise buildings in Dnipro with the support of the Energy Efficiency Fund and local authorities.