According to the military administrations, the Fund received a list of construction companies, operating during the martial law

According to the military administrations, the Energy Efficiency Fund received information that contains a List of building companies and organizations working in the construction sector during martial law. Today, this list includes more than 1200 construction companies and private entrepreneurs from 15 regions of Ukraine. In particular, these are companies that can be involved in the implementation of energy-efficient projects under the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program in those regions, where such an opportunity exists.

The list can be found on our website in the  ‘Materials for HOAs’ section. The database continues to be filled and will be constantly updated.

We emphasize that this information is purely informational.

At present, this database is formed for the purpose of information support of HOAs, which are located in territories where there are no active combat actions, and in multi-apartment buildings of which the construction works (under the’ ENERGODIM’ Program) continue to do.

In the future, this information will be combined with the latest data on equipment manufacturers and will become the basis for the pool of workers to repair housing and infrastructure damaged by the fighting.

Recall that in the military situation, the Energy Efficiency Fund continues to perform its functions aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of multi-apartment buildings. During March-April 2022, the Fund paid about UAH 100 million  in the form of grants for the HOAs – participants of the Program. At present, about 100 HOAs are completing their projects and more than 110 are ready to begin the stage of direct construction work.

After the completion of the military operations, the Energy Efficiency Fund, having relevant experience and a highly professional team, is ready to join in the implementation of the comprehensive Plan of Recovery and Development of Ukraine, in particular in the part concerning reconstruction of damaged housing stock.

We have joint efforts to eliminate the consequences of military actions, ensure full recovery of the economy and infrastructure, and rebuild Ukraine together on the basis of sustainable development and taking into account the European Green course.