The Supervisory Board approved new changes to the Fund’s programs

The Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund approved changes to the Energy Modernization Support Program for apartment buildings “ENERGODIM” and the Restoration Program for buildings damaged as a result of the war – “VidnovyDIM”. Most of them enter into force on February 10, 2023. Let us tell you about the most essential things.

“VidnovyDIM”: what has changed?

  1. The maximum amount of the grant that the HOA can receive for one restoration object has been increased from UAH 6 million to UAH 7.2 million. As before, the total amount of the grant under the project consists of the amounts of the first and second tranches (70% and 30%, respectively).
  2. The geography of the Program expands to the city of Kyiv, Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions (exception — temporarily occupied territories and territories of active hostilities).
  3. From December 27, 2022, temporarily occupied territories and territories of active hostilities are determined on the basis of the order of the Ministry for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine “On Approval of the List of Territories in which Hostilities Are Conducted or Temporarily Occupied by the Russian Federation” (No. 309 dated December 22, 2022).
  4. The previous requirement for contracting organizations — a minimum of three years of experience in performing similar works, which essentially correspond to the list of activities under the Program — has been supplemented. Now, the performance of work on construction objects of the CC3 consequences class is included in the experience. In addition, from now on, contractors cannot be registered not only in the occupied territories, but also in the territories of active hostilities.
  5. From February 18, HOAs must provide expert reports only to state-owned expert organizations. But expert reports submitted by February 17 (inclusive) may be from private expert organizations.
  6. Limit values ​​for materials and works performed and used during the restoration of façades damaged as a result of hostilities have been established.
  7. Mandatory submission of new documents is foreseen: the protocol for the agreement of prices for material resources at the stage of submission of Application No. 1 (the form is approved in Annex “B” to Appendix 1 of the Program) and certificates on the cost of material resources at the stage of submission of Application No. 2 (Annex “B” to Appendix 1 of the Program).

“ENERGODIM”: what has changed?

  1. From March 1, the effect of the Regulation, according to which the project documentation must undergo an examination by an expert organization of the state form of ownership, is restored. The change does not apply to HOAs the Applications No. 2 and No. 3 of which were submitted to the Fund by February 28 (inclusive).
  2. The acceptance of Applications and revised documents for previously submitted Applications, as well as the approval of Applications of HOAs located in the territories of active hostilities, is suspended. It is foreseen that the payment of grants to HOAs located in the territories of active hostilities is also suspended. Consideration and approval of Applications for such HOAs, as well as the payment of grants to them, will be possible after the change in the status of the territory. The list of such territories is established by the order of the Ministry of Reintegration “On the approval of the List of territories on which hostilities are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.
  3. Previously, the payment of grants to HOAs located in temporarily occupied territories, territories of active hostilities, and in settlements where Ukrainian state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers, as well as settlements located on the demarcation line, was suspended. The right to re-submit the Application for verification together with the act(s) of acceptance of completed construction works, drawn up according to form No. KB-2v, which have passed the check for compliance with the estimation norms in the part of pricing in construction (performed by an expert organization of state ownership or a forensic expert who has been qualified by the type of expert specialty “10.6 Investigation of real estate objects, construction materials, structures and relevant documents”), if the beneficiary at the time of submitting Application No. 4 used the temporary right not to undergo such an inspection, it does not depend on the end of martial law.