The draft project of the recovery program was discussed at the meeting of the Advisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund

On September 20, 2022, a regular meeting of the Advisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund was held to discuss the draft project of the new grant recovery program. The meeting took place in an online format.

During the meeting Ehor Fareniuk, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Fund, told the participants of the Advisory Board about the state of implementation of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program (achievements, problems, prospects of its development). He presented separately the results of the Fund’s activities during the period of the military condition – the number of completed and paid projects, major events, news, promising plans, etc. and presented the project of the new grant recovery program, detailing its basic provisions.

‘For us, it is a very important and useful expert opinion on the implementation of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program, and especially on the launch of the new recovery program. Taking into account all the circumstances, we have prepared this program quite quickly and today, for the first time after the internal discussion, we have developed the draft program for such a wide range of issues. We want this program to be as simple and useful for people as possible. At the same time, we understand that at first it will be actually a pilot project, which will show us how to move on, taking into account all existing problems,’ – Mr. Yehor Fareniuk said.

The participants of the event discussed the most important issues (financing, tasks / goals of the program draft project, further steps, etc). The discussion took place in a question/proposal format-answer.

In particular, participants of the Advisory Board were interested in the following questions: 1) At what stage of development and approval is the recovery program? 2) Who and how will finance the program? 3)Availability of funds, guarantees. 4)The Fund’s vision on the schedule of project implementation under the recovery program from the moment of its publication. 5) And many questions about the grant agreement etc.

Regarding the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program, questions were discussed on the necessity of resumption of Application acceptance No.1, financing and problems of increase of project costs, and lack of crediting etc.

The participants of the event also voiced and discussed a number of key problems that may take place in the process of implementation of the recovery program. In particular, such as conducting legal general meetings in damaged houses, the problem of lack of funds in some houses to produce a report of technical inspection, defective act/design decisions, etc.

In addition, the participants received proposals on the need to increase the minimum requirements to the Program materials/technical terms and to expand its capabilities to private homes and multi-apartment buildings in which the HOA is not established.

At the end of the meeting the participants discussed organizational issues of further work of the Advisory Council. A proposal was made to increase the number of committees and review their composition.

Reference: The Advisory Board is an Advisory Body of the Fund, established to support initiatives on energy efficiency, introduction of instruments to stimulate and support measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings in the multi-apartment residential sector.

In particular, the Advisory Board of the Fund:

  • – provides suggestions and recommendations, which are then considered by the Fund’s Directorate in a mandatory manner;
  • – analyzes the situation and develops proposals to eliminate obstacles in the energy modernization of multi-apartment buildings;
  • – develops proposals for implementation of the best international practices in the field of energy efficiency related to the Fund’s activities;
  • – for realization of strategic tasks of the Fund, prepares proposals on changes to the existing programs of the Fund, Grant Policy etc.

The members of the Advisory Board are free and independent of influence of any person during their duties, and are governed by the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine and the internal acts of the Fund.

On our website you can find the Regulations on the Advisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund and the Rules of work of the Advisory Board of the SI ‘Energy Efficiency Fund’