Quantity of projects under the Energodim program as of October 15

As of October 15 2021, 635 energy modernization projects of houses under the Energodim program have passed to the design, implementation or final stages!

The total cost of these projects is UAH 5.6 billion, of which UAH 191.9 million under package A “Lite” and over UAH 5.4 billion under Package B “Complex”.

At the same time, 70 co-owners among those that fully or partially completed the work on the project has submitted applications for verification.

This means thousands of families in modernized houses already live in comfortable conditions and save money on utilities payments!

The total energy savings in modernized houses will be 5.2 million kWh/year.

More information on APPLICATIONS STATUS:

In total, as of October 15, the Fund received and registered 799 applications from  co-owners for participation in the Program: 152 for Package A “Lite”, 647 for Package B “Complex”.

The total cost of energy saving projects is UAH 6 billion 543 million 974 thousand. And the estimated amount of grants received by  co-owners will be up to 70% of the cost of projects or UAH 4 billion 136 million 085 thousand.

In total, about 72.6 thousand families have already participated in the Energodim program!

In particular,  co-owners submitted 799 applications for participation in the Program, 225 applications – for project approval, 70 – for verification.

The leading regions in terms of the number of submitted applications are Volynska, Lvivska and Mykolaivska oblast.

The map on the status and number of applications for the program “Energodim” is available through the link: http://bit.ly/2TUrPNC

For detailed information about your HOAS, please contact support@eefund.org.ua or call (044) 344-28-36