Applications to participate at the Energodim program to be applied via web-portal

The Energy Efficiency Fund started accepting the applications for participation at the Energodim program online from August 2, 2021.

This service is available in the e-cabinet of the participant via web-portal of the electronic services, that has been launched starting from August 2 in test mode –

This innovation would enable simplification of the document submission process, help prevent mistakes and reduce time for receiving the documents by the Fund.

Prior to starting work at the e-cabinet, please read the detailed user instructions including the list of actions, necessary for registration of the application and for partial reimbursement of the energy audit.  

How to work at the e-cabinet?

To start working at the e-cabinet the applicant is obliged to:

1) Get the qualified electronic signature (QES)

2) Follow the link

3) Register at the e-cabinet using QES

4) Upload documents necessary to form the application request using the tips in the e-cabinet


Prior to sending the application for participation it is important to collect all needed scan copies of the documents in pdf format. Namely, the scan copy of the passport of the head of HOA, certificate from the partner bank of the Fund, scan copy of the extract from the Minutes of the general meeting of HOA, etc. Please follow the link to get the complete list of the documents  Annex 6 Course of actions of the participants of the Energodim program

Who can apply to participate at the Energodim program via e-cabinet?

The heads of the board of HOAs and duly authorized persons are eligible to fill in the applications via e-cabinet, but only the heads of the HOAs are entitled to sign the applications with qualified electronic signature.

Thus, when all the steps are made by HOA to form the application to the Fund, and all necessary documents are uploaded, this completed form should be signed with qualified electronic signature (by clicking SIGN AND SEND button). The form will be automatically sent to the Fund.

Please be informed that the head of the HOA can check the content of the form after authorization at the Fund portal. In case, the data is not complete, it’s possible to upload the missing documents, correct data and then confirm the application. 


What applications can be sent online?

Now it is possibly to apply only for participation at the Program. The online services for applying for confirmation of the project and for verification will be available in a few months. The Fund will additionally inform about it on its webpage.

Where one can get detailed information on how to work with the e-cabinet?

– You can follow the link to get detailed instructions:Instruction on e-cabinet of the participant of the Energodim program

– Call a helpline: (044) 344 28 46

– We recommend you to have a training course to be familiar with operation algorithm of the e-cabinet of the participant, and the process of applying the documents. You have to register for the training and choose the date: August 5 11 am, or August 11 5 pm.  

Is it obligatory to apply online?

It’s not obligatory to apply online. HOA still has the opportunity to apply offline via partner bank or directly to the Fund.

Is it necessary to apply the paper documents as well?

If HOA prefers to apply online, there is no need to send the paper documents to the Fund.

Is it necessary to apply every next application online?

No, it is not. HOA still has the option to apply offline. But the application for verification can be sent online only if the application for participation was sent online as well.

How to amend the information in the application?

You can amend the application form at any stage, until it’s signed with the qualified electronic signature.  

Please, turn your attention that the portal of electronic applications works in test mode, please kindly understand the possible technical issues in the work.

The announcement on the introduction of the Energodim program changes in terms of implementation of the Web-portal of electronic services.

The announcement on the start of accepting the applications from HOAs through the Web-portal of electronic services.

We remind, the last changes to the Energodim program were approved by the Supervisory Board of the Fund on June 30, 2021 and came into force on July 7, 2021, except for the changes referring to