Six cities and OTGs of Chernihiv region announced cooperation with the Energy Efficiency Fund within the Energodim Program

On August 11, 2020, the Energy Efficiency Fund and six cities and OTGs from Chernihiv region remotely signed Memoranda of Cooperation within the Energy Support Modernization Program for Energodim apartment buildings.

The Energy Efficiency Fund and the city councils of Nizhyn, Pryluky, Mena, Novhorod-Siverskyi, as well as the settlements of Sosnytsia and Varva councils, have agreed to jointly support and develop initiatives that stimulate energy modernization of high-rise buildings in the region.

As of August 11, 2020, 17 applications from condominiums were received from the Chernihiv region to participate in the Energodim Program.

We would like to add that on the day of signing the Memoranda, an online presentation of the Energodim Program for initiative condominiums of Chernihiv region also took place.

“The fund is motivated to expand the network of partner cities that want to improve the conditions and quality of life of citizens living in high-rise buildings. Thus, investing in apartment buildings and their potential savings is a balanced and far-sighted strategy of the city authorities, which is willingly supported by the Fund and the Energodim Program, ”commented Yulia Holovatyuk-Unguryanu, Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

Yulia Holovatyuk-Unguryanu presented the current opportunities of the Energodim Program for recent associations of co-owners.

It will be recalled that a new version of the Energodim Program has been in effect since August 4, which provides for significant simplifications in submitting applications and attracting professional support for the energy modernization project of the building with the support of the Foundation.

“The Nizhyn community is glad to be the signatories of the memorandum, as energy modernization of housing and office buildings is our priority goal. This is enshrined in the development strategy of our community for the period up to 2027 “- says Anatoliy Linnyk, Nizhyn Mayor

“There are 38 apartment buildings in the Sosnytsia community, 11 of which have formed condominiums. We have a program of the village council “Warm House” for condominiums, which reimburses up to 30% of the loan. The program of energy modernization of apartment buildings has been working for 4 years. And the memorandum we signed today will give a new impetus and dynamics to this cooperation, even more, houses will join the program, and we will save more energy and money for the residents of our village “- adds Andriy Portnoy, head of Sosnytsia village council.