During the period of the military operation, the Energy Efficiency Fund compensated over UAH 348 million to the participants of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program

During the period of the military operation, the Energy Efficiency Fund does not stop its activities, continues to fulfill its commitments and provide support to the HOAs to increase the energy efficiency of multi-apartment buildings. In particular, since the start of the introduction of the military status in Ukraine, grants totaling UAH 348,1 million have been paid to the participants of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program.

The Fund also continues to accept and develop new applications for project approval and verification applications. During the period from February 24, 2022 and today within the framework of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program 74 applications for project approval were received and approved, 176 applications were received for verification for compensation of partially or fully executed works, 135 of them were approved.

For comparison: 

For the same period of the previous year, 40 verification applications were received, and for the whole period since the beginning of the Program’s validity – 303.

In the regions where there is such possibility, construction works continue. In total, 55 projects have been completed in six military months. As a whole, the Fund has 207 projects, which completed or partially completed the construction works within the framework of the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program.

Let us remind you that in order to allow the association of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings to continue participation in the ‘ENERGODIM’ Program and to receive compensation, the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund has simplified certain terms of the Program. Also, in view of the difficult economic situation in the country and the fact that under the current conditions, the Program participants have limited access to credit banking products, the Supervisory Board has approved changes to the procedure of verification of energy efficiency projects/measures implemented with the participation of the Fund.

In particular, these changes give Benefiziam the right to implement construction works in five steps, regardless of the total cost of the project under the Package of measures ‘B’.