The first 150 students complete their studies at the School of Project Managers

The group of the first set of the School of Project Managers started training on August 17, 2020.

Students in the School during 5 days of intensive training will be able to gain relevant knowledge to support energy modernization projects of high-rise buildings under the program “Energodim”.

The launch of such an online school should activate the market of potential project managers, specialists who will be able to help condominiums participating in the Program to implement projects.

More than 610 applications from all over Ukraine were considered for training. As of August 25, the largest number of applications was received from applicants from Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

We would like to add that more than half of the potential students (54%) who filled in the questionnaires for participation in the School have professional experience as energy auditors, designers, and chairmen of condominiums.

Those who failed to get to the first set of the School on time will be able to study in the next 5-day online sessions – in September and October 2020.

“We have opened online training for everyone to allow potential market participants to help condominiums today,” said Oleg Pokidko, head of the Department of Development and Training of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

It will be recalled that the terms of the Energodim Program in the new edition, from August 4, 2020, allow condominiums to attract professional support for energy modernization projects, and the Fund, for its part, reimburses the cost of such services in the amount of up to 70%.