The cost of heating is almost twice lower than in neighboring Zhytomyr houses

Residents of the five-story building with the “Kyivska 47” condominium in Zhytomyr implemented energy-efficient measures under the Energodim program in the house and in October paid twice less for heating than residents of similar non-modernized houses located nearby.

In particular, in October, the cost of heating in a 57-year-old house with a condominium “Kyivska 47” was 7.33 UAH/m2, and in a neighboring similar house, where no energy efficiency measures were implemented, 14.78 UAH/m2.


This was announced by Yegor Fareniuk, acting director of the Energy Efficiency Fund during the working visit of Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine to Zhytomyr Region, which took place today, November 18.

During the visit to Zhytomyr, the head of the Fund together with the Minister visited this building, modernized under the Energodim program.


These results are pleasantly impressive and encourage other citizens to choose an energy-efficient way to solve problems in their homes, rather than waiting for tariff reductions. By the end of this year, we expect several dozen more partially or fully completed projects, which means that several thousand more Ukrainian families will live in comfortable conditions and save on utility bills, ”said Yegor Fareniuk.


The co-owners of condominium “Kyivska 47” chose package B program and decided to implement the following energy efficient measures:

– Thermal insulation and replacement of pipelines of the internal heating system in non-heated premises;

– warming of external walls of the house;

– a set of works on thermal insulation and arrangement of heated and unheated attics (technical floors) and roofs.

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 6.9 million, the amount of the grant under the program is UAH 4.8 million, and the Zhytomyr City Council reimburses the interest on the loan. The cost of measures for each apartment was 366.07 UAH/m2, the declared annual emission reduction is 135.6 tons/year.

Energy efficiency is an investment in the future that will save significantly in the next heating seasons. Thanks to the cooperation of condominium “Kyivska 47” with the Energy Efficiency Fund, resource savings of over 30% have been achieved here. The Government has proposed many development programs in this area, so I urge communities to seize opportunities and accelerate Ukraine’s energy independence, “said Minister Oleksiy Chernyshov.


He also informed that 27 projects under the Energodim program are being implemented in Zhytomyr oblast, 19 of them in Zhytomyr. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of these projects is UAH 191 million, of which UAH 126.6 million will be returned by the Energy Efficiency Fund as a grant, of which UAH 3.4 million has already been paid.


As reported, on November 13, Yegor Farenyuk visited a modernized house in Khmelnytsky.