Presentation of the “VidnovyDIM” Program: grants reimburse 100% of the cost of works and materials

On November 30, the “VidnovyDIM” Program was presented in Kyiv, which will finance the restoration of residential buildings damaged as a result of the russian federation’s military aggression against Ukraine. The pilot stage of the Program, for which the European Union has currently allocated EUR 5 million, is being implemented by the Energy Efficiency Fund together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

For more than nine months, the russian federation has been destroying the homes of Ukrainians and the country’s infrastructure. According to the Kyiv School of Economics, 40% of Ukraine’s housing stock was damaged as a result of hostilities. In order to fully, qualitatively and effectively finance restoration works, it is necessary to attract European funds.

“The EU is sending EUR 25 million to support the new Energy Efficiency Fund Program for the restoration of buildings,” said Matti Maasikas, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine. — The “VidnovyDIM” Program is implemented by the European Union in partnership with the government of Ukraine and the IFC. It will make it possible to quickly rebuild lightly damaged apartment buildings so that people can return home as soon as possible. The EU provides grants for 100% reimbursement of costs, and the Energy Efficiency Fund ensures a minimum of paperwork. The program has already been launched, so HOAs can send applications for participation.”

The “VidnovyDIM” Program finances the repair of buildings that have not suffered structural damage. In particular, the funds are allocated for the replacement or repair of window units, external doors, façades and coverings, equipment of roof boiler rooms and engineering networks. Funding is provided in the form of a grant, which is paid on a free and non-refundable basis in the amount of 100% of the cost of the necessary work. The total amount of the grant should not exceed UAH 6 million for one restoration object. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can receive financing.

“For several years, the Energy Efficiency Fund has been the headliner of reforms and joint projects with the EU in Ukraine,” commented Vasyl Lozynskyi, acting Minister of Community and Territorial Development. — Until February 24, energy efficiency was the main activity of the Fund. And today this work continues. The realities of the time showed that it is necessary to move in another direction. And this direction became the restoration of buildings damaged as a result of the war. However, all works within the framework of the “VidnovyDIM” Program will be carried out in accordance with modern energy efficiency requirements. The mechanism of the Program is very simple: the HOA receives 70% of the amount in advance (the application is considered for 15 days) and performs the necessary works. After the completion of the works (the application is considered for 15 days), 30% is refinanced. This makes it possible to restore houses as quickly as possible. This procedure was possible to implement thanks to the synergy of all the branches of Ukrainian government and international partners.”

The forced change in the direction of cooperation was also noted by Damien Shields, regional manager of the IFC consulting program in Europe and Latin America. “Even before the start of the war, together with the Energy Efficiency Fund, we had considerable experience in helping Ukrainians in the restoration and energy modernization of their houses,” he said. — Today’s realities forced us to shift our focus to the restoration of the housing stock damaged as a result of russian aggression, since the war actually deprived people of the opportunity to stay in their own homes. IFC is committed to helping the country and its citizens quickly get out of the crisis and maintain resilience.”

The pilot stage of the program, which started on November 21 and will involve EUR 5 million, is being implemented in four regions of Ukraine — in Kyiv region, Zhytomyr region, Chernihiv region and Sumy region. Combat operations took place on these territories, but today they are de-occupied. Therefore, it is possible to carry out restoration works safely. Approximately 3,000 residential buildings have been damaged in these areas, 1,000 of them have created HOAs, which are potential participants of the Program.

“The idea to launch the “VidnovyDIM” Program arose in May, when we saw the scale of the destruction in Ukraine,” said Yuliia Sabatiuk, head of the Supervisory Board of the Energy Efficiency Fund. — Then there were negotiations and the adoption of many legislative documents, which made it possible to launch the Program. Today, Ukraine faces enormous challenges because more than 100,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. Many small border towns that have suffered significant destruction remain without media attention. We accept them into the Program. Within the pilot stage, we are testing all procedures so that in the future we can restore houses damaged by hostilities as quickly as possible.”

“VidnovyDIM” contains a number of revolutionary mechanisms that will enable Ukrainians not only to rebuild their houses after the military aggression of the russian federation, but also to save on utilities and increase the level of energy efficiency of housing.

“All Ukrainians now count the energy consumption of household appliances in order to understand what kind of a generator or battery is needed,” said Ivan Yunakov, head of the subcommittee on technical regulation and pricing in construction, production of building materials and energy efficiency in the construction industry of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. – Everyone is thinking about one thing – how to reduce the level of energy consumption in their house. The war made us really understand what energy efficiency is. The Verkhovna Rada will continue to make maximum efforts to achieve Ukraine’s energy independence. These principles are also taken into account in the implementation of the “VidnovyDIM” Program. Thanks to the joint work of Ukraine and European partners, we can already repair 200 houses within the pilot stage.”

Yuliia Sabatiuk emphasized that applications for participation in the pilot stage are already being accepted. “Ukrainians are a nation that knows how to fight by uniting their efforts. And our European partners see this,” she said. — “We received help from them. Help given only to the strong. Don’t hesitate, submit applications — qualified specialists of the Energy Efficiency Fund will help you.”