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    Yehor Fareniuk

    Expert in construction and technical fields, energy efficiency, candidate of technical sciences, specialist in international technical practice, energy audit rules and design documentation for thermal modernization of buildings.


    National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI” (1998).
    Yehor Fareniuk received a master's degree in international marketing and advertising from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.
    In 2015 he received the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences at the National University of Water Management and Environmental Sciences.

    2019- now

    State Institution "Energy Efficiency Fund", Kyiv

    Technical director

    2012 - 2019

    State Enterprise "Research Institute of Building Structures", Kyiv, Ukraine

    Head of the Department of Construction Physics and Energy Efficiency / Head of the Laboratory of Construction Heat Engineering and Acoustics

    2010 - 2011

     "TC Termograd" Ltd, Kyiv


    2008 - 2009

    Danko Industry Ltd, Donetsk

    technical director / commercial director

    2008 - 2008


    "TC Izobud" Ltd, Kyiv

    head of direction systems of thermal insulation

    2004 - 2007

    Representation of UAB Paroc (Lithuania) in Ukraine

    head of representative office / marketing engineer

    2002 - 2003

    "TAKK" Ltd, Kyiv


    2001 - 2002

    "Company STS-Energo" Ltd, Kyiv


    2000 - 2001

    Alumil Ukraine LTD, Kyiv

    head of the technical department

    1998 - 2000

    SE "Research Institute of Building Structures", Kyiv


    Igor Krechkevych
    Technical director

    Engineer, economist


    Igor Krechkevich received technical education for the specialty  “Water supply and water disposal” at the National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use (2005-2010). From 2010-2012 he started postgraduate studies for the specialty “Water treatment technologies”.

    From 2013 to 2015 having studied at the Faculty of Economics at Educational and Research Institute of Postgraduate Studies, National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use, having taken the step of a specialist in the economics of business. Starting 2022 - study at the Faculty of Management at  “The Highest Starting Mortgage” Ltd of the American University of Kyiv.

    2023 - now

    State Institution "Energy Efficiency Fund", Kyiv

    Technical director

    2021 - 2023

    Rivne city Council

    Deputy Mayor

    2019 - 2021


    Chief executive officer

    2017 - 2019


    NGO Centre «EIDOS» (as individual entrepreneur)

    Budget policy analyst


    PIRPE «Ukrexpo-Process»

    Sales manager of Rivne branch

    2016 - 2017

    LTD « BST»

    Supply Manager


     LTD « Vik-Partner »

    Head of sales department

    2013 - 2016

    LTD « VIK-EXPO »

    New car sales manager



    Olena Levchenko

    Olena Levchenko has over 29 years of experience in the financial field. She worked as Vice President for Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant in domestic and international companies. Professional in the field of financial services. She has repeatedly been included in the TOP-10 best financial directors of Ukraine.


    Kharkiv Order of Lenin Aviation Institute, specialty "Radio electronic equipment", qualification - radio engineer.

    Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, specialty "Accounting and Auditing", qualification - Master of Accounting and Auditing.

    Olena has an ACCA DipFR diploma in international financial reporting, has a series A auditor's certificate with the right to audit enterprises, a Lean Six Sigma diploma, Grenn Belt - efficiency system

    Periodically improved her skills, participated in the curricula of domestic and foreign educational institutions (courses, trainings, advanced training programs).



    2021 - now

    State Institution "Energy Efficiency Fund", Kyiv


    2020 - 2020

    Agrogeneration, Ltd, Kyiv

    financial adviser

    2013 - 2020

    Agrogeneration, Ltd, Kyiv

    Deputy Director of Finance  

    2011 - 2013

    Volya cable, Ltd, Kyiv


    2011 - 2011


    Internet video communication, Ltd, Kyiv


    2007 - 2011

    Telecommunication systems - management, Ltd, Kyiv

    vice president of finance

    2003 - 2007

    Volya- cable, CJSC, Kyiv

    Deputy Director for Financial Affairs

    2002 - 2007

    Audit - consulting, AF Ltd, Kyiv

    director, auditor

    1995 - 2002

    Sigma - Foundation, JSC, Kyiv

    CFO, Chief Accountant

    1994 - 1995

    Dominoes - LTD, JV, Kharkiv

    Chief Accountant

    1993 - 1994

    Kharkiv Institute of Management Personnel, Kharkiv


    1992 – 1993

    Alina, MP, Kharkiv

    Chief Accountant

    1988 - 1992

    Aviation Control, Kharkiv Instrument-Making Design Bureau, Kharkiv